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Snack With Impact

Passionate food waste warrior and founder of Pulp Pantry, Kaitlin Mogentale gave Farm Design the task of crafting a packaging system for Pulp Chips that aligned with its better-for-you ethos. Our objective was to play up the brand's unique story and its eco-conscious “upcycled” appeal. The challenge was to create eye-catching design that anticipates craveable moments consumers expect while establishing bold visual brand recognition in the heavily saturated chips aisle.


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Pulp Chips Sustainable Snack Food Branding

A New Wave of Sustainable Nutrition

It all started when Kaitlin saw the large amount of fresh pulp byproduct from juicing carrots—a superfood resource destined to go to waste. Kaitlin made it her mission to bring awareness to fight food waste. Rooted in this concept, we created the packaging to share her story and educate consumers in a fresh and engaging way.

Pulp Pantry Eco-Conscious Food Branding
Pulp Pantry Upcycled Food Branding
Pulp Chips Sustainable Snack Food Branding
Pulp Chips Sustainable Snack Food Packaging

Quality Superfood Snacks for Everyday Eaters

The term “upcycled” is a fairly new concept and niche. Pulp Chips is the only grain free veggie chips to give a second life to pulp. We leveraged this opportunity to create a cohesive brand system around its eco-conscious mission. By upcycling under-appreciated ingredients into classic favorites, Pulp Chips are the snackable food that respect the global footprint and legacy we each leave behind.

Pulp Pantry Natural Food Packaging
Pulp Chip Superfood Snack Branding
Pulp Chips Plant-Based Snack Food Packaging
Pulp Chips Plant-Based Food Packaging

Playfully Nostalgic

The simple and bold packaging design coupled with a playfully nostalgic and honest typography differentiate the Pulp Chips aesthetic on the shelf. The story and experience continue as consumers engage with the packaging. Through custom illustrations, we dove deeper into the "Snack With Impact" brand mission.

Pulp Chips Sustainable Plant-Based Food Packaging
Pulp Chips Sustainable Superfood Branding
Pulp Chips Natural Food Branding Illustrations

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