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Sustainable Food for
Healthy Pets & Planet

Nature's Fresh knows that creating the healthiest, easiest and tastiest pet food is only one part of the equation for some consumers. Considering the environmental impact and ensuring ingredients are not only sustainably but ethically sourced are paramount decisions. Our objective was to ensure Nature's Fresh stood apart from the other Freshpet sublines while clearly communicating to consumers that they could comfortably purchase knowing their pets would get the highest quality food without sacrificing their environmental values.

Through elevated bold messaging and custom illustrations, we made it clear that you don't have to separate your love for pets and planet.


Brand Architecture
Brand Platform


Logo Design
Packaging Design
Visual Design System

It's All Connected

There's no question for many consumers, the love for pets and planet are a driving force and Nature's Fresh wanted to confidently tell the world that they understand and couldn't agree more.

Bold Yet Approachable

It doesn't take a superhero to save the world—it takes honest, hardworking people looking to make small differences through their lives that can add up to greatness. Nature's Fresh chooses to work with farmers, not farms, which led to highlighting the farmer and pet relationship looking over the landscape of the future. The gestural illustration welcomes the consumer into the Nature's Fresh world where saving the world doesn't mean sacrificing quality.

Sustainability Enters the Market

No longer sold exclusively, Nature's Fresh announced their arrival by celebrating their commitment to reducing environmental impact, while creating healthy food for pets to thrive on. Products that align with consumer values are becoming more mainstream and there can be no doubt where Nature's Fresh stands.

All photography by Lindsey Swedick.

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