Bivouac Ciderworks

Bivouac Ciderworks

A bivouac is a temporary camp or makeshift shelter making it a perfect name to capture the spirit of this outdoor lifestyle beverage brand. Matthew Austin, a San Diego brewmaster, approached Farm Design to craft a hard cider brand that embodies its SoCal sense of adventure, but is also familiar enough to have mass market appeal.

Farm Design leveraged Bivouac Ciderworks many consumer touchpoints to organically deliver its unique brand voice and essence through thematic copy, illustrations and artifacts. In addition to packaging, Farm Design shaped the consumer experience for its restaurant and taproom so locals can enjoy a tall glass of hard cider. Escape the ordinary and embracing the unknown.


Brand Architecture
Brand Platform


Logo Design
Tone & Voice
Visual Design System
Brand Guidelines


Branded Environments
Marketing Communications
Print Collateral
Web Design & Development
Digital Media

Bivouac Outdoor lifestyle Branding
Bivouac Lifestyle Cider Branding
Bivouac Branding System
Bivouac Alcohol Brand Extension
Bivouac Outdoorsy Restaurant Branding
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Bivouac Alcohol Design Exploration
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Bivouac California Brewery Branding
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Bivouac Alcohol Branding and Packaging
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Bivouac California Brewery Branding
Bivouac Alcohol Website Redesign
Bivouac Cider Brand Extension
Bivouac California alcohol Branding

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