Terra D'Oro

Land of Gold

For more than 150 years, fortune seekers have been lured to California's rugged Sierra Foothills. Though they once came for the gold, these days they come for the wine. Terra d'Oro was a pioneer in helping re-establish the region's production of fine wine post Prohibition. Today, they are acclaimed for their elegant red wines and aromatic white wines, all crafted from their 800+ acres of sustainably farmed vineyards.

In 2018, Terra d'Oro partnered with Farm Design to reimagine the brand with the hopes of elevating and exuding the richness of their origin story while creating stopping power only a wine of luxury can offer.


Logo Design
Packaging Design
Visual Design System

Elevating the Terra d'Oro story

To capture the premium quality of the wine, we approached the front label knowing we wanted to make an immediate, yet subtle impression. Reaching back into the brand history, we used a gold foil-stamped T in the shape of a pickaxe as a bullseye for the consumer. Then, we allowed the elegant illustration of lush grape vines to intertwine and take over from the gold miners, creating a tactile secondary impression.

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