Low Footprint Footwear

Farm was approached by PRMRY with a vision—to create a lifestyle brand for their premium footwear product. Their proprietary shoe design is comfortable, versatile for both indoor and outdoor wear, and most importantly, low impact on the environment. Farm was tasked with strategizing the name, visual identity and personality for the brand that would appeal to the socially eco-conscious youth.


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PRMRY Sustainable Clothing Branding and Packaging
PRMRY Sustainable Clothing Branding

Treading Lightly

The brand's primary motivation was their responsibility to the planet so they built their footwear prototype as a low-impact model that sources recycled material and engineers a low-waste direct-to-consumer experience. This gives a second life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The shoes are made using plant-based foam, sustainably sourced fleece, and upcycled non-virgin ocean plastic.

PRMRY Premium Footwear Product Branding and Packaging
PRMRY Sustainable Footwear Branding and Packaging

Playful Primary Palette

To appeal to a more youthful audience, we opted for a graphically bold art style with a primary color scheme. The illustration style is playful and color-forward, with personified characters and noodle-like limbs that zig zag through planes of portals, waves, bouncy coils and comfy clouds.

PRMRY Sustainable Clothing Branding

Back to the Basics

The name PRMRY derives from the word primary, sans the vowels. Primary can be defined as something that stands first in importance or value, which in this case, is the planet. The definition aligns with PRMRY’s purpose, which is rooted in restoring balance to the planet by finding practical and functional solutions to our excess waste problem. It was critical that the logomark also reflect these core values. We achieved this by crafting a minimal logomark with letterforms that are simple and functional, with soft curves reminiscent of the shoe’s profile.

PRMRY Sustainable Footwear Branding Design
PRMRY Unique Branding and Packaging for Sustainable Clothing
PRMRY Unique Website Design for Sustainable Shoes
PRMRY Versatile Shoe Brand Messaging
PRMRY Versatile Shoe Branding
PRMRY Versatile Shoe Brand System

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