Nounos Creamery

Greek Made. New York Fresh.

Nounós Creamery is a family-owned business that centers around tradition, old-world process and taking life a little slower. The brand offers handcrafted Mediterranean foods for the health conscious consumer looking for a touch of indulgence. Farm Design was tasked to reinvigorate the brand that reflected their authentic identity, style, and heritage.


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Real Small Batches Are Cheesecloth Strained

Steven and John’s search for authentic Greek yogurt grew into an obsession. With ingenuity and a family recipe, the pair created Nounos Creamery and introduced bag strained yogurt to New York in 2013. Each batch takes 3 days to craft, but results in a creamy, rich and velvety yogurt, just as they remembered from their childhood.

Nounos Authentic Handcrafted Greek Yogurt Branding
Nounos Authentic Greek Yogurt Branding
Nounos Traditional Greek Yogurt Branding
Nounos Health Conscious Yogurt Packaging
Nounos Yogurt Effective Branding and Packaging
Nounos Health Conscious Yogurt Packaging
Nounos Yogurt Unique Packaging
Nounos Health Conscious Food Packaging
Nonos Authentic Greek Food Packaging
Nounos Handcrafted Greek Yogurt Branding
Nounos Greek Yogurt Brand Guidelines

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