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To The Trees

Most recognized for their reality television series on Animal Planet, the treehouse masters themselves partnered with Farm Design to do an overall reassessment of the Nelson Treehouse brand. Having been established for well over a decade, it was the opportune time to evolve and re-strategize the brand in forging ahead with credibility and confidence. As the Nelson Treehouse brand continues to grow, Farm Design was tasked to develop a branding system that would equip Nelson Treehouse with assets to support current innovations and future business endeavors within their main verticals: Design & Build, Hospitality and Hardware Supply.


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From Tree-forts to Empire

To the left is Pete Nelson - the face and personality of Nelson Treehouse. His love for treehouses started at age five when his father had built him his first backyard tree-fort. Since then, his love of carpentry and all things nature was passed along to his children, who are now a big part in carrying out this legacy. 350+ treehouses later and having acquired a large international clientele, the roots of the company remain strong in fostering a family culture, community, creativity and hospitality.

Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Innovative Branding System
Nelson Treehouse Hardware Building Branding and Packaging
Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Effective Branding System
Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Holistic Branding System

Creating the Nelson Treehouse Experience

A brand's personality is often an extension of the people who are behind the company. With Nelson Treehouse, there were specific aspects of the culture Farm Design wanted to capture through every consumer touchpoint from print to digital. The Nelson Treehouse brand wanted to exude kindness, enthusiasm, and be recognized as a credible company made by visionaries and master carpenters.

With most of Farm Design's creative approaches it starts with a stylescape - a curated board that includes photo styling, fonts, illustrations, texture and colors. This part of the process is what begins to shape the visual vernacular to be threaded throughout brand touchpoint development.

Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Unique Branding Strategy
Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Unique Branding
Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Website Design Iconography

Be In A Tree

With the passion to share the experience of being in a tree, Nelson Treehouse took on an endeavor to create a hardware line for the avid DIY-ers. Farm Design was tasked with strategizing and designing a packaging system for hardware kits to be sold at brick and mortar retail spaces as well as kits to be sold with a direct to consumer model. An alphabet system was created to help identify each hardware, which then worked in tandem with an instructional building guide book.

Nelson Treehouse Innovative Hardware Supply Branding
Nelson Treehouse Brand Extension Strategy
Nelson Treehouse Brand Extension Packaging System
Nelson Treehouse Hardware Packaging and Branding
Nelson Treehouse Packaging System Design
Nelson Treehouse Unique Construction Manual

Direct to Consumer Purchase

With online purchasing, consumers typically have time to sit with all the information needed to make a confident purchase. For this specific circumstance, Farm Design created a secondary packaging kit that was simplified, yet highly effective in being able to easily identify one hardware from another. A label is hand applied for each box, followed by a personalized stamp with Pete Nelson's certification.

Nelson Treehouse Unique Hardware Packaging
Nelson Treehouse Holistic Hardware Packaging System
Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Hardware Packaging
Nelson Treehouse Effective Tree Fort Hardware Packaging
Nelson Treehouse Unique Hospitality and Hardware Brand Strategy
Nelson Treehouse Hospitality Unique Branding System

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