Coastal Sun Farms

Healthy Plants Heal Humans

Coastal Sun Farms believes plants are medicine and when grown responsibly, organically, and regeneratively, there's an opportunity to improve the health of our planet and our people. This passion and farming excellence wasn't being clearly communicated, and the market was quickly becoming saturated with new competition. They needed to find their voice and elevate the brand to reflect the product quality. Timing the new design with a packaging change was the perfect opportunity to redefine themselves through better positioning and building a system that engages the community to become brand loyal.

Our custom and colorful risograph styled illustrations maintained the uniquely Californian vibe while becoming the brand bullseye in an architecture system that created focused shopability, direct communication and built-in scalability.


Brand Platform
Brand Voice


Logo Design
Packaging Design
Visual Design System

Farm to Beach

The new brand captures the vibrant colors of nature and combines them with the unique regenerative Santa Cruz farming story, putting them on display in what we call Electric Disco. Coastal Sun pairs ancient, time-tested agricultural techniques with state-of-the-art scientific innovation, knowing organic cannabis can change the world. And that goes for the packaging itself. The decision to make a form factor change from a canister to a unique snap-lid container created an opportunity to be more sustainable while also standing out on shelf.

Loyalty Through Honesty

In many industries, like coffee and alcohol, audiences know how to confidently shop the category after decades of brand development. Coastal Sun wanted to position themselves as a trusted source in understanding the flavors, effects, and benefits while balancing the authentic lifestyle appeal. This straight-forward, educational approach allowed the packaging architecture to extend past the industry standard of Sativa or Indica by designing an infographic showcasing far more nuance between strands.

It's A Whole Vibe

Though it had the potential to become a visual barrier to the fresh design, we knew the tamper seal could act as a functional safety layer to the packaging as well as an opportunity to create another experiential and communication brand layer for the user. By continuing the Electric Disco aesthetic onto the tamper seal, we successfully added an additional instance for easy shopablility and elevated brand voice.

Having developed a strong packaging architecture from body to lid allowed for scalability and quick product identification for both bud tender and consumer.

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