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Milk Done Differently

Known for their smooth and creamy almondmilk beverages, Califia Farms continues to innovate in healthier plant-based alternatives and launches their first oatmilk product in the market. With more than nine years of continued partnership, Farm Design was challenged with creating the packaging design for their 48oz Oatmilk that is fresh, bold, and strike the shelves with impact.


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Go with the Grain

Our conceptual direction was rooted in newly harvested oats and vintage milk crates. It's important for us to consider both the micro and macro elements for range and contrast. By examining the cross section of the oats and the nuanced textures of the crates, we developed a fresh and bold graphic visual language to define the new “Oat” product while still being recognizably Califia Farms.

Califia Design Agency for Plant-Based Oatmilk
Califia Branding Agency

Honest, True & New

With a brand that pays homage to its California heritage, the simple rusticity of vintage milk crates and newly harvested oat transcend into Califia's carafe shaped bottle. Focused on creating product distinction among other milk brands, we strategized in taking a graphic approach to the oat instead of the conventional use of product imagery. By harnessing the carafe's center, the oat graphic and bold typography are able to communicate the product clearly and instantly to consumers without confusion.

Califia Design Agency for Plant-Based Wellness
Califia's Design Agency for Packaging

Conveying Usage Occasion & Taste Appeal

The visual packaging design anticipates the consumer expectation and experience by clearly communicating its unique qualities, benefits, taste profile and usage occasion. Beyond the label and its overall outward appearance, we believe that photography is an integral part of a products success. Contextualizing a product in an environment, can suggest and hint how a consumer relate or use this product. The goal with Califia Farms products is to focus on how their products can be part of your everyday better choices.

Photography: Califia Farms

Califia Branding and Packaging Agency

Capturing the Spirit of the Consumers

People connect with people. In contrast to staged food photography, we make it a point to integrate lifestyle photography with the brand's main target consumer. Adding lifestyle into the mix allows the brand to express itself from a more emotional standpoint —telling stories with people, their movement, expression and actions. Capturing a brand essence in this format becomes more dynamic and can be useful in creating social and marketing brand touchpoint.

Califia Branding Agency
Califia Branding Agency
Califia Branding Agency
Califia Oatmilk unique and effective branding
Califia Branding Agency

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