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Califia Farms

Over the course of 10 years, Farm Design has helped global brand, Califia Farms with a multitude of product and line extensions–from its nascent stages to a now robust brand architecture of approximately 150+ SKUs. With continual growth in natural markets and conventional retails stores, Califia Farms tasked Farm Design to re-strategize their entire portfolio in 2021 to deliver a packaging design system that brings forth stronger brand recognition and brand awareness.




Visual Design System



Creating Continuity & Brand Recognition

We've all seen them on shelf—the beautiful curvy carafes that sit with the sea of boxed cartons. But, what happens when a brand like Califia Farms continues to innovate and begins to occupy multiple shelf spaces in the market without this recognizable shape? In reassessing the market space and the variability of form factors, Farm Design created the foundational elements to help consumers navigate and identify the Califia Farms brand with ease and impact. The new packaging design architecture allows the top portion of the packaging to call out the brand prominently and consistently. The mid to lower portion of the packaging gives room to diversify each product line from one another, creating higher shopability and giving each product line the opportunity to express their own personality.

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